Vibration Therapy

What Is Vibration Therapy?

The Vibration Therapy is a vibration plate that tilts in a pivotal fashion. The left and right sides alternate up and down while the center remains fixed. Vibration Therapy is one of the very few Whole Body Vibration companies who have their vibration machines tested by independent engineers.

How does Vibration Therapy Work?

The pivotal movement mimics the natural rotation of the hips when walking or running. which activates a greater range of muscles. The side to side alternating movement allows for a greater transmission of vibration energy to generate more muscle stimulation. As the platform rises, your body is accelerated upwards. You feel this as a force named G-force where ´G´ stands for ´Gravity´. In other words the machine exposes your body to increased gravity. One way our bodies respond to increased gravity is by increasing muscle strength and tone. The rapid movement with the subsequent increase/decrease of G-force creates waves of movement through the soft tissues of your body. In slow motion you can actually see the skin and muscles ripple like water. This ripple spreads from the point of contact throughout the body.

This increases the flow of fluids like blood and lymph which speeds up recovery while also keeping swelling under control. As these fluids vibrate, heat is generated which quickly warms up your joints and muscles making movement easier and more comfortable; similar to having a massage.

I have a recent injury that is still painful, could I still benefit from Vibration Therapy?

Unless your injury is a broken bone, in many cases you can still perform Vibration exercise. It allows you to stimulate muscles, circulation and lymphatic drainage without moving your joints excessively. Patients remain in a comfortable position while the machine works on your body.

How long is the Vibration Treatment?

Depends on the program the doctor recommends for you and your symptoms. Patients experiencing Neuropathy symptoms will only be on for 10 minutes just standing. Other patients experiencing back or neck pain may be on the machine longer and might perform different exercises while on the Vibration Therapy.

What are the Benefits of Vibration Therapy?

  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Reduces Back and Neck Pain
  • Improves Bone Density
  • Improves Balance and Coordination
  • Improves Flexibility

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