When your thyroid gland becomes underactive, you may begin to feel the unfavorable side effects of hypothyroidism. Follow along as we explain how thyroid issues in women can affect everyday life.

These symptoms include changes in hormone levels, extreme fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, rapid changes in body temperature, and anxiety. Hyperthyroidism in women can cause irregular menstrual cycles and a lower sex drive can occur.

Although hypothyroidism isn’t completely curable, Houston Regenerative Therapy provides thyroid treatments that can reduce and eliminate many of the dreadful side effects of an underactive thyroid. After we take a close look at your blood work panel, we will be able to locate any hormone deficiencies in your body. Once we determine what you need, we will begin your personalized thyroid treatment plan.

Find the root of the problem, indulge in rapid relief, and stabilize your life.

- Houston Regenerative Therapy
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