1 HOUR SEMINAR: Peripheral Neuropathy Help Without Drugs

Often doctors will prescribe drugs for the pain. But drugs only address the symptoms and only provide short term relief. They do not make the neuropathy any better.

There is hope though…


The biggest thing we hear from patients is that they want to:

  • Stop the numbness so they don’t fall down and get hurt
  • Sleep through the night
  • Play with the grandkids
  • walk the neighborhood
  • Enjoy life without pain

Our 1 hour seminar will discuss how to restore nerve function, which can reduce pain and stop the numbness that causes falls. Topics include:

  • The root causes of neuropathy & how they trigger pain centers
  • How neuropathy can cause impotence and libido issues
  • How doing nothing may lead to an IRREVERIBLE condition
  • The test we perform for nerve damage to determine severity
  • How to get the blood flowing and decrease inflammation
  • How we determine nerve damage severity
  • How we can reduce pain with NO drugs
  • How to restore nerve function for good

WE CAN HELP! Our no cost seminar will show how to restore nerve function, eliminate pain and feel normal again

- Houston Regenerative Therapy
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