Personalized Facial Fillers at Houston Regenerative Therapy

Have you been battling deep wrinkles and fine lines? Houston Regenerative Therapy Aesthetics can help with fillers. Facial fillers are an injectable filler that’s used to help bring more volume to the face, fill in wrinkles and fine lines, and enhance facial features.

Dermal fillers are an alternative to Botox that helps bring a youthfulness back to the face and skin, and are known for creating a natural looking enhancement to your features, some fillers also help boost collagen production. Risks associated with dermal fillers are uncommon and the recovery time is minimal. For most people, results from facial fillers are generally instantaneous.

When you schedule an appointment with Houston Regenerative Therapy our board-certified medical provider will walk you through the process and talk with you to determine the best type and volume of cosmetic injections to accomplish your desired results.

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